HTC Desire Gingerbread In Testing Zone

HTC Desire Gingerbread is now currently in testing. Although not mention what has been remove as to give the Desire Gingerbread, looks like maybe Gingerbread for the Desire will arrive sooner then you think.

Blackberry Messenger Integrate With Blackberry Application

Blackberry users, if you ask them why they love their Blackberry? Surely you'll hear the Blackberry Messenger. It's like free messaging with all Blackberry user but only  for chatting and messaging. Now the BBM integrates with BlackBerry apps such as games where gamer can text real time in the game, pretty nice

Iphone 3GS May Be Free On Contract Once Iphone 4S/5 Is Release

Iphone 4s/5 is the next genereation of the Iphone, how do we know when it'll gonna be release. One analyst says that when the Iphone is going to be relase, the old generation of the Iphone which is the 3GS will be free on contract. While the new Iphone will be on sale, they won't want about 4-6 Iphone on sale and of course people will take the new one so letting the 3GS off contract will be a nice option as Apple IOS 5 features won't be all support by the 3GS, only some. Anyway watch of price drop of the Iphone 4 and the 3GS as they could mean something.

Motorola Defy Finally Get Froyo In The UK

Better late then never right? Motorola Defy on the UK will get updated to FRroyo at start of July, but in this world of Gingerbread right now and a late update to Froyo where all and current device is at or waiting to get Gingerbread and Android Ice-Cream sandwich is to be release and Nexus Prime will be the first ot use it. But then again better late then never.

Google Search Shows New Look Again

Google search page get a refresh new look again for smartphone especially Android and Iphone. The top tab for web, image, place and news get a new picture and all the other stuff like reader, gmail, blog and anything else can be found in the more tab. Looks like Google finally done something nice to differentiated the web search page and the mobile version where it display the image instead of word like the web one. Although its available in english version at first, other language might have to wait more

Microsoft Big Day, Release Of Many Good Stuff And Juicy Surprise

Yesterday Microsoft Senior Director Of The Windows Phone Division Bill Cox says that lately Windows Phone get some very good stuff especially Angry Birds, Eventful and all thos famous apps that you can get on Android and IOS ,today there will be a juicy surprise and the surprise is MANGO has been release to Windows Phone Developers.

Although it's still a beta rom but it has all the necessary tool developer needed to create their code and design their apps. The developers will  start invitation for the Mango update today so wait for it if you're a register developer and haven't received Mango yet. In addition to this software update, Microsoft also release some device with pre-installed Mango inside and also they encourage college students to participate in the development for Mango via competition and 50 selected ones will get the device.


Droid X Gingerbread Is Very Buggy, Verizon Reject It

Motorola Droid X Gingerbread has been rejected by Verizon for being too buggy. Because of this Droid Gingerbread is on hold including the Droid X2, Droid 2 and the Droid 2 Global. The problem with the buggy Gingerbread is due to very short life span of the Droid X, lag performance and random reboots. Looks like FROYO bug is still there, anyway Motorola Droid Family user is then will be stuck either with Froyo and the buggy Gingerbread

HTC Mozart Getting An Update, Not Mango

HTC Mozart is getting an update, but strangely no one really knows what will the update address to. It couldn't be Mango, and Mango isn't ready to be release yet

IOS Jailbreak Convection To Be Held In London In September

First IOS jailbreak convection will be held this year in historic Old Truman Brewery, London in September. This is to demonstrate that jailbreak an IOS is not for piracy and instead the attendees will be told how to use their iDevice to the fullest.

"Our mission is to become the largest jailbreak/(i)community convention for coders, themers, hackers, developers or any other mobile device user. To leave others with the better understanding of what jailbreaking actually means to us, and that it does not stand for piracy," the group said

RIM Halt 10 Inch Tablet, Focus On QNX Blackberry

Words is that RIM has just halt the production of Blackberry 10 Inch playbook and shift attention on a QNX Blackberry smartphone. Maybe all of this is due to pressure from Apple IOS and Android where both are expected to release a new version of their OS later this year. RIM falling behind quickly catch up by focusing all on QNX but is it worth it? Is it worth on abandoning the 10 Inch tablet which some are wanting to get it?

Nvidia GT 570 M and GT 580M Announce

GeForce GTX 570MGeForce GTX 580M
Processor coresUp to 336Up to 384
Support forPhysX, Verde drivers, CUDA, 3D Vision, 3DTV Play, Optimus, SLI, DirectX11PhysX, Verde drivers, CUDA, 3D Vision, 3DTV Play, Optimus, SLI, DirectX11
Processor clock speedUp to 1150MHzUp to 1240MHz
Memory clock speedUp to 1500MHzUp to 1500MHz
MemoryUp to 1.5GB or 3GBUp to 2GB GDDR5
Memory widthUp to 192-bitUp to 256-bit
Memory typeGDDR5GDDR5
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Nokia 700 aka Nokia Zeta Smiles

Nokia 700 aka Nokia Zeta is one of the Nokia phone that has been leak through yesterday's document, and to prove they're the real deal, an image has pop up. The leak specs of the Zeta are a 3.2 AMOLED screen with nHd display of 640x360, NFC which we can see on the screen which toggles it and Symbian Belle which can be seen here. The camera megapixel can't be seen from the picture but it said to support a 5 megapixel camera and the battery is a 1080 mAh

Winodws Tango And Apollo After Mango

After Windows Mango, comes Windows tango then Apollo. Tango is suspected to be bug fix, stability and some other stuff while Apollo maybe a windows 8.

HTC Evo 3D To Get Unlock Bootloader

HTC is continuing its saga for unlocking its smartphone where the Sensation is the first phone to get unlock. Next is the Evo 3D, not words when it'll be available but surely it worth to wait for it.

HTC T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide Is Best With Camera

HTC T-Mobile my Touch 4G slide has been released in the US, and surely its one of the best phone out there. T-Mobile claims that their camera is the best out of all camera, it has no shutter lag, backside illuminated, premium digital camera feature( maybe DSLR function is included), all in a 8 megapixel camera with built in panaroma function, burst shot and clear shot HDR. Hoping this phone to get into international market because if its successful in the US and international market should also be a huge hit.

Android Growing Bigger, Getting Better

There are 500,000 Android device activate everyday right now, a milestone that's very huge for Android to be a competition for IOS. and it's growing daily by 4.4 %.

Thunderbolt Won't Be Getting Sense 3.0

HTC Thinderbolt is one of the best HTC phone with a single core, it got speed, it got power of which is name the HTC Thunderbolt. But sadly this phone won't get the HTC Sense 3.0 which is the current Sense version and the reason? Hardware doesn't support it. But there's a solution for this, root and flash, if you like to try it then give it a go and remember your responsible on your own as this may void and brick you thunderbolt.

MEEGO Laid Plans Untill 2012, Atom Powering Ice-Cream Sandwich in Q1 of 2012

Intel is planning to keep MEEGO alive and to prove that, they have laid plans that last until till next year. For this year, Nokia have release the Nokia N9, MEEGO first powered smartphone but Nokia even if the N9 became a huge hit, they will ditch the OS or maybe Elop will ditch the OS if you prefer and goes for Window Phone 7. Current MEEGO OS is 1.2 and later this year the OS will get an update to 1.3 and this'll enable cars and smart tv to use it.

Next year all eyes will be on on Intel and Google as both will combine Google's Android Ice-Cream sandwich and Intel's Atom processor into one device in the first quarter in 2012. Then an Atom powering Windows 8 will be release in the third quarter of 2012 and Intel also planning to release more Laptop.

Nokia Series 40 Competition

Stephen Elop yesterday announce an event called Create 4 Millions. It is where people sent their ideas of how their application should work for the Nokia Series 40, he also encouraged which the app should be based on

  • Health & Education
  • Social Networking & Location
  • Games & Entertainment

The winner of this event will win one million euros, a free trip to Nokia world and see their application come to life during the Nokia World on a new Nokia series 40 phone. Finally Nokia is making its move to improve the Nokia s40 in terms of application and combine this with what Elop said that the s40 will gain a 1GHz boost on processor, will the s40 will like Samsung Bada?


4 Upcoming Symbian Smartphone

Now what do we have here? Its Nokia leak with info about their upcoming smartphone. If you see clearly the processor is 1GHz, yes about the hardware update finally we have some evidence that Nokia is to release 4 Symbian smartphone, each with 1 GHz processor speed. They're Helen, Zeta, Cindy and Fate. The screen is not to big, about 3.2 - 3.5 Inch screen and each smartphone is powered by either Anna or Belle. This is only 4 smartphone, Stephen Elop said in Singapore during the launch of the N9 that there are about 10 more smartphone with symbian to be release later this year and 4 of them are Helen, Zeta, Cindy and Fate.

Nexus Prime, Google Weapon For Iphone 5

Nexus Prime is rumour to be the next Nexus and the manufacturer is Samsung. What happen to LG and HTC? and the other? Anyway the rumour specs is a 1.5 GHz Texas Instrument OMAP 4460 dual core, a full 720 resolution with a 4.3 Inch screen featuring the Super Amoled HD. So is this the Iphone 5 killer? Looks like it and combine it with a Android Ice-cream sandwich this smartphone is sure getting the crwon back from Samsung current king the Galaxy S II.

HTC Evo 3D Hits Europe In July

HTC Evo 3D finally hit Europe in July. Htc Evo 3D is the first HTC smartphone to feature glasses 3D free with qHD display resolution of 960x540, the spec is almost the same as the Sensation of 1.2 GHz Qualcomm dual core processor, 1GB Rom and 1GB Ram, WiFi b/g/n, 3.0 bluetooth, comes with comes with HSDPA/WCDMA capable of 14.4 Mbps download and 5.4 Mbps upload speed. The difference is the camera instead of 1 camera for the back, the Evo 3D comes with dual 5 megapixel camera capable of 720 fps for both 2D and 3D, a 1.3 megapixel camera on the front rather then VGA on the Sensation and you can view all your favourtite video and pictures on a full HD TV via HDMi mirco usb cable. It weighs about 170 g and measure about 126x65x12.05 mm.

The Evo 3D feature Android gingerbread 2.3.3 with HTC Sense, HTC also add a tweak for you to know which picture and video are 2D and which are 3D. But there'll be no 3D games for the Evo 3D, HTC didn't says why but maybe it  isn't supported? Or as HTC said the Evo 3D is targeted for its media and photography due to its 3D capability

Buttonless Smartphone Design Is Smartphone Next Step

 So MANGO update says that hardware button isn't really necessary, will we see what Eldar Murtazin predict is true in the near future? Looks like the Nokia N9 design is going to make a new step for smartphone, a buttonless design smartphone. There have been rumour for the Iphone and Android smartphone, where there is no physical button or no captivate button in case for Android. Iphone before is rumour to lose their home button and Android via HTC is making a smartphone without any captivate button and hardware button. But Nokia beat all of them by their N9 which feature a pure touch phone.


Apple Closing Doors To Downgrading Firmware

Apple finally going to make its move, preventing user from downgrading their iDevice to older firmware. This is due to jailbreaking where user downgrade their firmware mainly in order to jailbreak the iDevice. So Apple will shut this down, by using unique AP ticket on each firmware, even the user have save the data, the SHSH of each of their firmware. BB ticket is Apple new weapon; is already being use on other IOS area. Now targeting the Iphone user especially those who's using the IOS 5, Iphone dev team says that it's only a matter of time before Apple make their move and now they move, Iphone dev is finding new ways to jailbreak your phone

Nokia N5 Leak, A Prototype Of Future Nokia Smartphone

A prototype base on the Nokia N9 has emerged and call the Nokia N5. It features 3.2 Inch screen, call key, end key and menu key below, volume rocker, a dedicated camera button, a 5 megapixel back camera with LED flash and a loud speaker at the bottom of the phone. So the N9 design is very nice that nokia is making some prototype phone base on it, how about a pure touch phone for the next symbian phone Nokia?

Android Nokia Phone Is Real, Cancel After Windows Phone 7 Was Chosen

Remember the Nokia phone running Android Gingerbread? It is the real deal but it got cancelled after Nokia announce to go for Windows Phone 7. So the leak picture is the early prototype of Nokia phone, possibly the N9 but running Android. Sadly it'll be just a dream except somebody port Android to the N9 and run it as the main OS. HTC HD2 can run Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7 and Android so why not the N9?

Samsung Galaxy S II Plus In September

The Samsung Galaxy S II, the fastest smartphone yet right now with the Android crown on its head, still not all market are receiving the kings visit. Leak says that the Korean giant is planning to release a more faster Samsung Glaaxy S II even it has the fastest speed right now, but adding more speed? By using a 1.4 GHz processor beating the current one with a 1.2 GHz Exynos processor and mix that with Gingerbread 2.3.4 and a 1GB Ram and the release is by September debut as the Samsung Galaxy S II Plus. So how fast can the phone will be? Sooner in the future we'll reach the 2GHz mark

3G And WiFi Can Be Use To Update System Software In IOS 5

Looks like you can update your Iphone via OTA using both 3G and WiFi connection. Although some carriers may block this ability, still this confirms that you indeed can update by using both network.

OVI Maps Will Be In MANGO

OVI Maps API will work on MANGO so Nokians no worries, if you switch to Windows Phone Nokia then your OVI Maps will be there. So Nokias Windows Phone 7 will be different then other Windows Phone 7 devices, looks like Nokia and Elop is very serious here for Windows Phone 7 as its main platform and developing and release new Windows Phone at a fast pace like what Nokia did with Symbian. What do you think?

GeoHot Working At Facebook

GeoHot, the famous hacker in the jailbreaking scene of which is the first person to jailbreak both the Iphone and Playstation 3. He announce that he's currently working with facebook, but he didn't mention any role of what he's doing there. some says maybe he's working on an app, facebook for the Ipad which currently doesn't have its own facebook app. He started working in May but he announce it to the rule in 17 June, after research by expert finally they've confirm that he's with facebook.

Iphone Rumour In Infographic

Ever wonder now that there's a lot of rumour about the Iphone 5 right now and you didn't know which is likely to be real and which is just a mock up? Take a look of the picture, an infographic about the Iphone 5 rumour

So you get the picture of how the future of Iphone 5 look like?


Nokia MEEGO Will Be Abandaon Even It Is A Big Hit

So you guys know about the Nokia N9, it looks great, great design, great hardware improvement combine with a great os, MEEGO OS and it'll become a hit for sure. Yes glory to that but Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has a different point of view and he looks beyond MEEGO and towards WIndows Phone 7. Nokia will abandon MEEGO even it'll become a big hit like the Iphone become a big hit but Nokia will abandon it.

That'll shock some user because how come you abandon a phone with a great OS? Simple, Nokia focus on Qt rather then the OS it self, so does that mean N9 is just to improve their own software, I think yes. The future is as Elop said is the Window Phone 7. Elop says, "I have taken part in the conversations with the teleoperators and I have been part of the consumer test groups. The feedback has been extremely positive and I am sure that the Windows Phone system will be a great success." ,  He promises that, "Nokia will continue its research and development on the software side, as well as in services and equipment design. We will build inventions for our Windows phones that will make us stand apart from our competitors and bring significant additional advantage to our application developers." The CEO also says that he receives emails from the software R&D team and says they are motivated.

TSMC Next Apple Chip Manufacturer

Iphone 5 is not even out and the Iphone 6 rumour is growing bigger. The latest to be taken is the processor of the Iphone 6, TSMC A6 chip. This is due to the lawsuit happening between Apple and Samsung where both are partners in business, Samsung support Apple by making its A5 chip but due to the lawsuit happening, there's a great chance that Samsung won't make any A5 or A6 chip for Apple. This is where Taiwan manufacturer, TSMC comes in and replace Samsung by making the A6 chip for them.

LG And LG Girl Says That Gngerbread Coming To 2X In Few Days

LG 2X user are patiently waiting for their Gingerbread update to come, the info source they're getting is from LG Girl. The update will fix some serious bug encountered by the 2X user. So will their 2X get update to Gingerbread next few days or maybe few months?

Window 'MANGO' Won't Support Homebrew Apps

Bad news for you guys you use a lot of Hhmebrew apps, report says that Window' MANGO' update won't support homebrew apps. Apparently this homebrew apps has been block from accessing the phone system like theme changer. Maybe only the apps that interrupt the phone system won't be allow to be install, even if you get it install, you'll need to enter the phone system to use it which is block. This is found by developer who receive MANGO for testing purposes

Nokia N9 Pricing Reveal

The pricing range for the new Nokia N9 has been reveal by Nokia Vice President Of Sales, Colin Giles. The price set for the Nokia N9, Nokia first pure touch phone with 8 megapixel and MEEGO OS will be about $660 - $749 for the 16Gb and 32Gb respectively for the unlocked version. Carriers version will be feature subsidize version which will be lower than the price range allocated

IOS 5 Beta 2 Lets You Toggle Between Old And New Notification Style

Yesterday Apple release the IOS 5 beta 2 to developers, right now the developers is busy searching for difference from the IOS beta 1, one of them is the notification in the lock screen. The lock screen has be reverted to the old style of notification with glassy style rather then the current one which same style but not glassy. Then developer checks that the notification style can be change between the old one and the new one, letting the user control how they want their notification look like. More news is coming for the IOS 5 beta by developer


Iphone 5 Likely To Use NFC

Iphone 5 is likely to be featuring NFC and Google Wallet should Apple apply NFC in their iDevice especially the Iphone. Eric Schmidt says that he predicts that about 1/3 of America shops and restaurant for the next 12 months is like to be feautring ads using NFC and for that Apple will follow the trend and apply NFC in its iDevice and Google wallet in order to keep up competition with other Android Google smartphone

Sense Will Not Included In HTC Desire Gingerbread

HTC Desire road to Gingerbread has too many obstacles that once before this HTC says that the Desire won't get Gingerbread but the past is the past and the Desire is getting Gingerbread so no worries. In order to accomodate Gingerbread, HTC says the it'll not include up some apps and everyone agrees. Suddenly a letter to Tesla Australia says that Gingerbread for Desire will not include Sense UI. Sense UI is big, some love them and some hate them and replace with a third launcher so they don't mind it at all. But the one who love the Sense UI will certainly feel something is missing, Sense UI with its Dynamic Widgets. I'm hoping the widgets stay and the Sense interface just change it a little

COMPAL Communication Manufacture Nokia And Acer Windows Phone 7

COMPAL Communication agree to manufacture Nokia and Acer Windows Phone 7 with agreement from Microsoft. So do we got the same price or a different branded phone made by the same manufacturer? Maybe

Nokia With Android

Another mock up or another prototype? Nokia new plan, does that mean Nokia finally acknowledge Android  as a secondary platform? Or is this the proof that the MEEGO OS can run Android OS on virtual or complete flash of Android? If Nokia really run Android, then could it be a pure touch phone?

Nokia Prototype Windows Phone ' Sea Ray' Featuring On Screen Button

Most of us think that this prototype is a complete mock up of the Nokia N9 running Windows Phone 7, but personally I think its true, which prototype is always anything. Maybe it's the same N9 running Mango inside rather then MEEGO, plus I think the on screen is great way to differentiate Nokia Windows Phone with other Brand Windows Phone such as Samsung, HTC, Acer which all have hardware button. Nokia is taking a big step for making on screen button for a smartphone like what tablet have right now for Honeycomb, no physical button


Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Hit UK In 4th August

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is hitting UK in 4th August, the successor of the originla Galaxy Tab 7 Inch. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 offers a very slim tablet of 8.6mm of 0.33 Inch with Honeycomb 3.1 and powering the whole tablet is a Tegra 2 processor from Nvidia. As for the other Ui, it's using the Touch UX custom made by Samsung for its Flagship tablet, with WiFi and optional of 3G slot.

Motorola Atrix 4G Unlock Bootloader Confrim Coming With Gingerbead

Yes it's official. The update that bring Atrix 4G to Gingerbread also bring an unlock bootloader. You can update it now via XDA or wait for the official update via.

Imerj Smartpad Dual Scrren Emerge, Echos Rival?

A Kyocera Echo rival has emerge in the shadow, featuring the same dual screen phone. This one has 4 Inch each screen then the Echo with 3.5 screen. The keyboard is said to be nicer then the Echo, and its running Gingerbread. It also has a 5 megapixel camera that function as both front and rear camera. So is this phone is more sturdier, more finish and more polish product of what the Echo could achieve?