Jaffe Reveals Twisted Metal’s Scrapped Endings for Sweet Tooth

Jaffe Reveals Twisted Metal’s Scrapped Endings for Sweet Tooth:

Fans of Sweet Tooth rejoice, for David Jaffe has just unveiled Twisted Metal’s alternate endings for everyone’s favorite killer clown that didn’t make it past the cutting room floor.

Sweet Tooth is just one of many characters who had their alternate endings scrapped from the game in an effort to adhere to the shift in tone that occurred during the game’s development. Check out the first clip of the first alternate ending below.

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Jaffe explained on his blog that “the game was originally a T and then became an M. But the movies were written and shot to be T (at least the first shoot we did) and so it was a real struggle trying to find the fun, comic book flavor of TM2 (the T rating) and merge it with the dark, depressing flavor of TMB (the M rating).”
In an attempt to truly capture that dark tone, Jaffe made an ending of his own that really takes advantage of the game’s M rating.

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  1. These cut scenes are cool but they would have done little to help the finial product. I recently received Twisted Metal in the mail through my Blockbuster @Home rental service. A DISH coworker and I have been playing through the game and it has been fun but not as fun as earlier iterations of the game. Overall the game was fun but really lacked any kind of replay value. I’m glad I saved the money by renting Twisted Metal instead of running out and buying it. I would have been pretty unhappy if I dropped $60 bucks on a game I beat in about 5 hours.