A look inside the Windows Phone Stores within stores in Germany

A look inside the Windows Phone Stores within stores in Germany:

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A while ago we posted about the Windows Phone retail push in Germany, where stores which are already performing well would have their status boosted with special displays, added merchandizing, supporting guidelines and generally more motivated staff to increase the already relatively high Windows Phone market share in Germany even further.
Now we have a series of pictures of one such store, run by O2.  The stores will in fact be spread around the carriers and the country, with each carrier having 4-5.
The large display strategically placed in front of the iPhone display is in fact a massive and very expensive PixelSense (old Surface) tablet, with additional 40-50 inch screens on the wall displaying Windows Phone marketing.
The stores are Windows Phone stores in all but name, with a large display next to the door, another PixelSense next to the cash point, and another huge wall in the business lounge.  The displays will be upgraded to Windows Phone 8 on release.
The stores also received merchandizing such as sweets and pens to give away, and in fact on opening gave away a few Nokia Lumia 900s.
I am sure our readers will agree the effort is pretty impressive, and it will hopefully pay dividends for both Microsoft and the carriers.
See more pictures after the break.

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