Capacitive Buttons Disabled In CM10 Mod On International Samsung Galaxy S III

Capacitive Buttons Disabled In CM10 Mod On International Samsung Galaxy S III:

As you all know, we are living in an Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean world, yet manufacturers continue to create devices that feature those pesky capacitive buttons. A major example of this is Samsung’s popular Galaxy S III smartphone, despite it sharing a somewhat similar design to the Galaxy Nexus which of course, is strictly all-screen. And as you might expect, certain individuals did not take too kindly to the physical buttons and decided to do something about it. XDA developer graffixnyc took the newly released CM10 preview for the international version of the Galaxy S III (I9300) and created his own special mod that allows him to make use of the Galaxy S III’s bigger screen by including on-screen nav buttons, while simultaneously eliminating the need for the capacitive buttons. Here’s his reasoning for why he decided to create the mod:

“I really liked the on screen nav buttons on the GNEX. At the time I had the Galaxy S II and enabled them with AOKP but as much as I liked them I hated losing the screen real estate on the 4.3 inch screen. When I got the GS3 I felt the screen was big enough to give up a little screen [real estate] for the nav buttons. I also did it because when I play games or hold my phone in landscape I would accidently hit the capacitive buttons so this mod also eliminated that for me”.

It seems like it was a straightforward process too. To develop the special variation of the mod, graffixnyc used a guide created by XDA Senior Member evilisto for accomplishing this on ICS. Afterwards, he then began pouring through the Jelly Bean framework-res.apk to adapt the process to Android 4.1.1. The end result is the landmark achievement of getting the on-screen mod to work and decided to share the work. As of now, here are the following highlights of the mod:

  • All Capacitive Buttons Disabled

  • Home Button Enabled but ONLY for Waking the Device

  • Menu Button Remapped to Home Button and Waking the Device

As mentioned earlier, the mod is specifically available as of now for the I9300 variant of the smartphone running the official CM10 preview. It may sound like a downer, but the developer is looking for testers of the U.S. variants of the smartphone, so perhaps we may see some button-less action on those variants sooner than we think.
source: XDA

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