Facebook forces all users over to e-mail addresses

Facebook forces all users over to e-mail addresses:
Facebook began its jaunt as an e-mail service in November 2010, when it started allowing users to make addresses and receive conventional e-mails addressed there in their messages inboxes. The service was intially hailed as a Gmail replacement, but caught on about as well as Facebook Gifts and Facebook Places (both of which are dead, in case you were wondering). Gervase Markham noted in a blog post on Friday that his display e-mail address, formerly a personal one, had been changed to an address without any action on his part.
If you find your display e-mail has been hijacked by a domain, fret not; a quick edit of the settings will let you restore a personal e-mail address (edit Contact Info, then select the email to be "hidden from timeline." Select another to be "shown on timeline," if you desire). Security researcher Ashkan Soltani points out a choice phrase from Facebook's post announcing the addresses in November 2010: "We are also providing an email address to every person on Facebook who wants one." And everyone else, apparently. Facebook has provided the following statement on the change:
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