Samsung Patent Filing Shows New Folder Interactions For Android

Samsung Patent Filing Shows New Folder Interactions For Android:
Samsung has submitted a patent application with the USPTO late last year for a different method of handling folders in Android. This was done presumably to get around Apple’s folder paradigm and avoid future lawsuits, as well as to provide a cool interaction that differentiates themselves from other Android UI’s.
Sammy’s application shows folders stacked like playing cards which can be pulled open accordion-style with a quick drag of the finger. They can also be expanded and collapsed by a single finger tap with a vertical scrolling function. The creation of the card stacks is done by dragging one icon onto another, just like the current Ice Cream Sandwich folder creation method.

Samsung also outlined an alternate way of opening folders which can display the folder contents in a second screen. See the screenshot below.
No word on when we might be seeing these interactions in an upcoming version of TouchWiz, but it sure looks like Samsung is trying hard to differentiate themselves from all the other Android manufacturers.
Hit the source link for more details and screenshots from Samsung’s patent application.
source: patentbolt

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