Apple shows further evidence that TouchWiz was inspired by iOS

Apple shows further evidence that TouchWiz was inspired by iOS:
On Monday Apple showed an email that proved that the iPhone caused a “crisis of design” for Samsung and they showed a decent amount of evidence that Samsung’s icon designs were influenced by iOS. Apple wasn’t finished as yesterday they showed the jury a 132-page internal document from 2010 that shows that Samsung was definitely trying to design icons that resembled iOS and not only that, was trying to make the whole UI experience (TouchWiz) resemble it.

The next image shows how Samsung compared the icon designs. They felt the iPhone maximized the 3D effect by utilizing light while the curve of the icon frame was smooth. In contrary, the Galaxy S had no feeling of receiving light and there wasn’t any softness in the curvature of the rounded corners.
Next up is a representation of the alarm function where Samsung is comparing the sounds of setting the alarm for both the Galaxy S and the iPhone.
I’m still not convinced there really is anything that shows a direct copy, but what it does show is that Samsung was truly inspired by the iPhone when they designed the Galaxy S back in 2010. I can’t imagine companies not designing a product without comparing it to that of the competition, and to me it seems senseless to try to grab a buck or hurt your competition because they were inspired by your success. Doesn’t that happen all time in every type of business or product? Why does Apple feel their product is so different? Apple was certainly inspired by Android with their newer notification system that was introduced in iOS 5. How about their new Maps software. Do you think they might have been inspired by Google Maps? Yesterday when I was driving around I noticed how so many cars look alike because they are inspired by each other. That’s how business works, but of course Apple is trying to prove that Samsung outright copied them and wasn’t just inspired by them.
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