Gameklip: Android meets PS3, an innovative new concept

Gameklip: Android meets PS3, an innovative new concept:


No matter how enticing, epitomized and innovatively carved an Android high-end graphics game is (like NOVA 3, GTA or Dead Trigger); the touch-screen always is an ostensible game-spoiler. It’s not that the controls are not well-defined or the game-play is sluggish; the touch-screen just doesn’t provide the much-anticipated feel of the game, leaving still a lot to be desired.

Those relentless desires would now be put to rest with Gameklip providing a simple solution by bridging the gap between two platforms- PS3 and Android. The innovative new concept which pairs up your PS3 controller with Android handset is being pioneered by a 23-year old, Ryan French who studies Applied Computational Math Science at the University of Washington (UW).

Ryan took a CAD class that inspired him to develop such an ingenious design. He instated this little experiment just to quench his thirst of smooth and comfortable gameplay. He initially worked around with many stands but figured out that the only way to provide a more engrossing feel was to mount the Android device with the controller itself.

Gameklip attaches your smartphone to the controller right in the centre- a near-perfect spot for gamers. This provides the much-required unified look-and-feel and eliminates the need to dock/place your device somewhere else. Picture-perfect, it seems.


The PS3 controller would offer comprehensive support for all touch and hardware controls through its analog input. Though this won’t make games like Angry Birds any fancier, it would be perfect for playing high-end graphics game like Real Football, NOVA 3 or The Dark Knight, which comparatively require rigorous controlling.

Each Gameklip version is manufactured to fit specific types of phones. Hence, while placing the order for Gameklip, you would have to explicitly state the phone you are using. If you change your phone, you would need to change the dock as well.

Ryan is selling the device for $15, for those who wish to pair up their rooted smartphones wirelessly to their PS3 controller, using the Sixasis Controller app developed by Dancing Pixel Studios. In case you own the Samsung Galaxy S III, you can even instate wired connections, without rooting your phone.  The wired-version though would cost you a little more, the price-tag being set to $23.


Though Ryan has so far been able to port only PS3 controllers, he is planning to roll-out designs for Xbox controllers as well. Right now, he faces some technical issues, which he needs to be overcome. He is also working on Gameklip versions which would support 7-inch Android tablets as well.

Ryan started up this product for self-proclamation, but his product started getting a lot of attention on gaming forums and numerous Android blog sites. He has now started getting pre-orders from numerous people worldwide and is now producing and shipping the product. Kickstarter- the crowd funding website has rejected his plea to fund the project and hence French has decided to pay all the up-fronts himself to get the business up-and-running.

Catch Ryan in action in this promotional video in which he shows off his innovation to the world:

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