'Firefall' beta update video details massive changes

'Firefall' beta update video details massive changes: firefall

Firefall's beta continues to evolve based on player feedback, and a new video from developer Red 5 Studios explains the many changes made to the game in this summer's patch.
"Back in the spring, we sat down, we sent out a survey to you, our beta testers, and we received thousands of responses with ideas, suggestions, things you'd like to see in the game," said James MacAuley, vice president of development at Red 5. "And we circled up as a team, and we had a real heart-to-heart talking about what some of the major trends were and where we wanted to go with this milestone. We came out of that discussion with some pretty big, ambitious changes for the summer that we're excited to share with you today."
Firefall will see major changes to...
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