'Papo & Yo' launch trailer blends the imaginary and the real

'Papo & Yo' launch trailer blends the imaginary and the real: Photo

Papo & Yo's launch trailer, released today by developer Minority Media, mixes live-action sequences with gameplay footage, just as the game itself relies on metaphors and fantastical elements to tell its story.
Director Alfonso Maiorana and Montreal-based Rezolution Pictures created the four-minute trailer, which illustrates the driving concept behind Papo & Yo: a boy's relationship with his alcoholic father. The boy, Quico, escapes into his imagination to flee from his drunk dad, who becomes a stumbling monster when he's had too much to drink.
Papo & Yo launches exclusively on the PlayStation Network for $14.99 on August 14th, but as a PSN Play title, it's available for pre-order starting today. PlayStation Plus subscribers enjoy a 20...
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