Sackboy and Raiden appear in 'PlayStation All-Stars' website leak

Sackboy and Raiden appear in 'PlayStation All-Stars' website leak: playstation all stars

Sackboy and Raiden appear to be on the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale roster after the website's homepage updated to show both characters joining the likes of Kratos, Nathan Drake, and Parappa The Rapper.
The site updated today to temporarily show a roster that included Sackboy with the label "new" wrapped around the top corner of his profile, as well as a boxout labelled "Ultimate Match Ups" showing Raiden in a fight with Cole MacGrath from inFamous.
The website has since been updated and the roster and images of Raiden and Sackboy have been removed.
Both Sackboy and Raiden were rumored to be in the game after leaked files from the game's beta showed them listed in the game's roster of characters. The supposed leak also showed...
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