Extending iPhone Battery Life with JailBreak?

Extending iPhone Battery Life with JailBreak?:
As with any smartphone user, iPhone users know well the frustration of the battery life and though several iPhone apps and hacks have made promise to improve the battery life of our beloved devices most users report limited success with these apparent solutions.

So, I’m guessing it comes as no surprise that the market is still open for the holy grail of all solutions with jailbreakers still very much in the market for that all embracing effective tweak to enhance the life of our batteries, not just something that works, but works well!
Well, the answer may just have arrived with BattSaver, which promises to be the solution. So, what can we expect? Well, BattSaver works very much like Carat, in essence the jailbreak tweak working much like the iPhone app. In a basic sense, it will find aspects of your smartphone that drain your battery life and suppress them.
Though this might sound alarming, Battsaver hones in on iPhone radios, i.e. Wi-Fi connections. The jailbreak tweak ultimately aims to better manage when these are enabled or disabled, as a result, in theory at least providing the use with a much increased batter life.
Battsaver allows users to choose one of five saving strategies, three of which are preset by the jailbreak tweak itself according to iDownloadblog.
The saver in normal mode, i.e. when your iPhone is “sleeping,” will disable all radio signals, resulting in a longer battery life. Do not be too concerned about e-mails, in this mode the handset will check for new mail every 15 minutes.
As well as normal mode, users can opt for Aggressive Mode. iDownloadblog says, “the aggressive mode does the same thing as normal mode, except it will also disable the data connection complete lt if Wi-Fi is connected. The thought behind this is that you already have a valid Wi-Fi connection, so why waste extra battery with a cellular data connection waiting as a backup. For those of you worried about phone calls and SMS messages. The GSM cellular radio that those services rely on is left alone. Unlike normal mode, when your device is asleep, you will not receive notification but instead of normal’s 15-minute refresh period, aggressive mode will enable your data radios every 45 minutes to retrieve emails and notifications.
We come at the last to the final option, the Ultimate Mode, by far the most extreme of the three. This completely disables all radio signals very similar to those of us who are already familiar with the Airplane Mode option on most smart phones.
Though all three provide varying degrees of variation, custom mode, as the name suggests, allows the user to customize every aspect of how BattSaver affects their device. Users can come up with any bunch of settings to meet their needs using the countless configurations available.
So all this said, despite previous mixed experience of these battery saving solutions, Batt Saver certainly seems to be worth a look. At the moment, this tweak is available for download in the Cydia Store of $2.99, or if you are a non jailbreaker and/or looking for a free solution, take a look at downloading Carat for iPhone.

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