Rumors Say Nokia Will Announce Windows Phone 8 at Nokia World

Rumors Say Nokia Will Announce Windows Phone 8 at Nokia World:

With all the rumors arising around new technology from Samsung, HTC we now have found some more rumors on Nokia. This is the most logical of the rumors as Nokia is actually a launch partner with Microsoft. Not only that, but they’ve had a history with Microsoft, so there’s no doubt in my mind that these rumors are actually true.
Nokia was pretty late to launch a Windows Phone 7 device, but it may redeem itself in that area by being among the very first to announce a Windows Phone 8 device. Sources are telling Bloomberg that Nokia could very well be announcing multiple Windows Phone 8 devices at their event at Nokia World which. The event will be held on September 5th and 6th in Helsinki, Finland. Obviously everyone won’t make the event due to its location, but hopefully they’ll offer some sort of online streaming service for those who can’t make it.
Microsoft already confirmed Nokia as a launch partner when it first released the details about the Windows Phone 8 back in June. Considering that Microsoft expects to launch its new mobile Operating System this fall, the Nokia World event seems like a decent time for Nokia to grab some of the early headlines ahead of the iPhone 5 launch. Honestly, it’ll be pretty easy to outdo the iPhone 5 if Apple keeps up its terrible public relations.
Believe it or not, but Nokia, the Finnish manufacturer, has been struggling since the iPhones first debut back in 2007. It’s very well possible that Nokia will use this event to launch a number of different Windows Phone 8 devices for a release later in the year. Nokia is a really good company, so I’m hoping that the Windows Phone 8 announcement will help them out of the financial pit they’ve been in.
In other news, Microsoft has said that the current Windows Phone devices won’t have access to in-app purchases as the feature will be limited to devices running Windows Phone 8. This means that the in-app purchases will not be available on handsets such as Nokia’s Lumia 900 that will be upgraded to Windows 7.8. This is going to upset a lot of users as the people who have a current generation Windows Phone 7 have been getting blow after blow from Microsoft. So far, it’s looking like it might just be better to grab the upgrade instead of holding out.
Microsoft is expected to release Windows Phone 8 in October, a month after the launch of the first Windows Phone 8 devices.
Will you be getting a Windows Phone 8? What are your thoughts on it? Do you expect it to compete with Android devices? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Let us know in the comments below!

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