Amazon confirms Instant Video blocked on jailbroken iPads

Amazon confirms Instant Video blocked on jailbroken iPads: Amazon Instant Anarchy on iPad

Amazon's new Instant Video app for iPad brings plenty of new TV and movies to iPad users running the latest version of iOS. However, the new app won't work for iPad users who've jailbroken their devices.
One of The Verge's readers downloaded the new Instant Video app to his iPad, which was running a Cydia-enabled jailbroken version of iOS 5.1.1. The reader contacted Amazon customer support, who confirmed that the application triggers an error on jailbroken iPads and that the error message sent to Amazon indicated that the reader's device had been jailbroken.
The customer service representative, "David R.", directed the reader to contact the provider of the iOS jailbreak to provide a solution. It's not immediately clear what in the...
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