Android Devices Confirmed to get Jelly Bean Update

Android Devices Confirmed to get Jelly Bean Update:
One of the most common questions Android device owners ask is whether their devices will be getting the newest Android OS – Android Jelly Bean.  The only device so far that comes pre-installed with Jelly Bean is Google Nexus tablet.  There are a number of devices whose developers have confirmed that that there will be official Jelly Bean updates.  Of course, there is always the unofficial channel to get Jelly Bean updates but in this case we are talking of official updates from device manufacturers.  Here is the latest list of devices confirmed to have (or already have) Jelly Bean updates.

1. Asus
The Asus Eee Pad Slider, Transformer Prime, Prime Infinity and the Transformer Pad 300 are the devices publicly confirmed by Asus to receive the Jelly Bean update.  Since Asus built Google’s Nexus 7 tablet, it is expected that they will be among the first to roll out the Jell Bean update.
2. Acer
Acer has announced that their tablets will be getting the Jelly bean update but they did not give any specific details concerning the dates or the order in which the devices will get the updates.  If you have the Iconia Tab A110, Iconia Tab A200, Iconia Tab A500, Iconia Tab A510 or the Iconia Tab A700 with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, expect to get an update sometime soon.
3. Google Nexus Devices
Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and Nexus 7 (an incremental update).  All these devices are in the process of getting Jelly bean updates, if you own one, consider updating.
4. HTC
HTC One X, One S and One XL are the HTC devices HTC has publicly stated will be getting jelly Bean.  There was no denial or confirmation though as to whether other older devices such as Sensation, Evo 3D, Sensation XL and Droid Incredible will be getting the Jelly Bean update.
5. LG
LG has announced that all phones from their 2012 range and beyond will receive Jelly Bean updates.  No specific devices were named but expected updates include Optimus L7, Optimus 3D Max and Optimus 4X HD.  If you have any of the newest LG devices, expect an update although it may not be before late 2012 or early 2013.
6. Motorola
Motorola already rolled out Jelly Bean updates for their XOOM tablet, but there has been no word concerning other devices.  This said, Google is the new owner of Motorola, they are more in control and we should be expecting Jelly Bean updates for the popular Android devices including Atrix HD, Atrix 2 and the Droid Razr Maxx devices.
7. Samsung
Samsung has plans to release Jelly Bean updates for most of its Ice Cream Sandwich devices starting with the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy S3 phones.  We have not heard a thing from Samsung regarding galaxy tablets Jelly bean updates though, but it is highly likely that there will be updates soon.
8. Sony
Sony has been one of the quietest companies on the issue of Jelly Bean update.  The only news we have so far is that Sony is investigating the possibility of releasing Jelly bean Updates for 2011 devices.  What we hope though is that Sony will be considerate enough to work on updates for the popular devices such as the Xperia U, S, P and Sola soon.
It is our hope that Google and device manufacturers work faster to give the devices updates soon, and even look at the possibility of updates even for older devices.

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