BlackBerry OS 10 resembles Symbian/MeeGo a lot

BlackBerry OS 10 resembles Symbian/MeeGo a lot:
BlackBerry’s OS 10 has been the center of a lot of speculation and anticipation. Since BlackBerry’s sales have plummeted over time, the company is under great pressure to produce products that will restore at least a part of its earlier glory. Recently at a media event in Cape Town, South Africa, Research In Motion for the first time allowed reporters to play around with their upcoming software update: BlackBerry OS 10. The hardware was an Alpha device, and had been code named as London. It was made obvious that the product was far from being complete, and was only meant to give a preview of the next generation of BlackBerry OS.
The OS is fully touch oriented, and there was no hardware keyboard present on the device. The interface was pretty similar to what we have already seen on the BlackBerry Playbook. The home screen is being said to be a cross between Android widgets, and Window Phone tiles. However it has been noticed that the new BlackBerry interface has some resemblance to the interfaces of MeeGo and Symbian mobile operating systems. The leaked screenshots have definitely highlighted the similarity between the keyboards of these operating systems.

The latest Symbian OS was released with Nokia Belle. Another thing which is common between Symbian and BlackBerry OS 10 is a bar that appears at the bottom of the screen. These similarities are hard to deny, and even harder to rule out as coincidences. But the suggestion that BlackBerry chose to copy from operating systems which themselves aren’t doing so good is hard to digest.
There’s still some time before BlackBerry OS 10 reaches the public. We certainly want the new OS to succeed and pose some real challenge to the Android/iOS domination.

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