Capcom 'favorably considering' Dragon's Dogma sequel

Capcom 'favorably considering' Dragon's Dogma sequel:

Japanese publisher says one million sales of Dragon's Dogma warrants consideration of "subsequent titles."


It continues to sound as though Capcom will make a sequel to May's action role-playing game Dragon's Dogma. Capcom today published highlights from an investor question and answer session during which the company said the sales success of Dragon's Dogma warrants more games in the series.

"Dragon's Dogma was a bigger-than-expected hit domestically, while overseas, it was slightly below our initial forecasts. However, in both domestic and international markets, unit sales increased with a steady expansion of repeat sales," says Capcom. "Under current market conditions, we consider the sale of one million units for brand new titles to be a relative success. Given this, we are in a position to favorably consider subsequent titles."

As part of a financial report that saw Capcom's profits rise 290 percent, the company said the one million copies Dragon's Dogma has shipped thus far have "set the stage" for the game to become a series. This follows news from June, when Capcom said it plans to develop the original fantasy role-playing game into a major franchise. Additionally, game director Hideaki Itsuno said last month that a full sequel would be developed, provided the fan support is there.

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