Jelly Bean Tablet Released for $150

Jelly Bean Tablet Released for $150:

If you want a really cheap Jelly Bean Tablet the Smart Tab 1 by Indian company, Karbonn Mobiles may be the right tablet for you. You won’t get the outstanding specs that the Google Nexus 7 surprisingly had nor the performance. Still, the Smart Tablet 1 might be a decent tablet if you’re just looking for something to use for documents and e-mail checking on the go. While the Google Nexus 7 does outperform what the Smart Tablet 1 can do, the Smart Tablet 1 is still a pretty nice tablet. Yeah, it’s cheap but still has some nice hardware. Sure there’s no Tegra 3 but you’ll still be experiencing some good speed and performance with a MIPS Processor. You may be asking, “what in the world is a MIPS processor?”
Essentially they are just competitors with ARM Processors, a processor that most tablet use. Thus, you’re going to experience a lot of incapacitates with applications. In English terms, that means the amount of applications on the app store that is available to you is going to be very minimal. The Smart Tablet 1 is basically a minimalist tablet that isn’t going to get you far if you’re looking for movies or high-end Android games. The cool thing about this is that it will be the only tablet available in India currently. The bad thing? The terrible specs it has.
I don’t know how they plan on selling 200,000 units a month when for only $50 more you can get a massive upgrade that is stocked with Jelly Bean and performs amazingly well as both a tablet and an e-reader. In other news, the Smart Tab 1 is the first Ice Cream Sandwich tablet with a MIPS processor. So far, no one knows how they were able to manage that one, at least yet. Karbonn Mobiles has said that they will be releasing Jelly Bean for it (on a MIPS processor?!) very soon with an Over-the-Air update.
It’s very hard as to what to think about this tablet. It has some good specs, while it also has some terrible specs. Things like 1080p video playback is an awesome feature to have. Though I wonder how much the MIPS processor will slow down the video playback. It’ll be interesting to see how everything pans out with the MIPS powered tablet. For $150 though, it’s probably a good choice (for $50 just get the Nexus 7!). At least it’s something for those in India missing out on all the tablet fun, right?
Personally, I think they are going to have a really hard time selling this worldwide with the Nexus 7 only $50 more. What do you think? Would you get the tablet with the MIPS processor or would you just save for Google’s Nexus 7 instead of the Smart Tab 1? Obviously, the Smart Tab 1 is the cheaper of the two, but that extra $50 really pays off in terms of specs.
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source: PC World

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