Judge blasts troll for "astonishing" failure to follow rules

Judge blasts troll for "astonishing" failure to follow rules:
New York federal judge Gary Brown has already made it clear that he's not a fan of copyright trolls. In May, he handed down a scathing order decrying the "blizzard" of copyright lawsuits by porn companies and putting in place safeguards to prevent further abuses.
One of those safeguards was that ISPs were supposed to provide defendants' contact information to the court, rather than to the plaintiff Malibu Media. That way, the court could advise defendants of their legal rights and help them find counsel before the plaintiffs had an opportunity to harass them into paying a four-figure settlement.
But Malibu, publisher of cinematic masterpieces such as Veronica Wet Orgasm and Gangbanged, apparently ignored the judge and sent Cablevision a subpoena requesting that the defendant's contact information be sent directly to Malibu. When Judge Brown found out about it, he wasn't happy.
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