Nexus Q Not Coming On Time, Delivery Unsure

Nexus Q Not Coming On Time, Delivery Unsure:

The new Nexus Q from Google will not be delivered on time due to unforeseen delays in shipment.

The Android-powered device revealed by Google together with Nexus 7 during the Google I/O will be delayed as it undergoes further improvements to make it “even better”. Google announced that those who pre-ordered the device will also get the “dev units”, the preview copy of the device during Google I/O, when the shipment arrives. The said “dev units” will be given for free to pre-orderers. Email notifications were sent out to those who placed their orders in advance, but Google did not provide any date when the Nexus Q and the dev units will become available.

Google Play’s page to order the device was taken down and replaced by a note simply stating the Nexus Q will be available soon. Customers interested to order the device can be notified by email if Google will decide to continue accepting pre-orders again

There is also no indication what would are the improvements to be expected from the Nexus Q device compared to the dev units. Google gives some hints though that the improvements will come on the software aspect of the device.

The Nexus Q has received mixed reviews from critics and supporters alike although the main line of agreement is the device’s unique form factor. The Nexus Q requires another Android device to control it, and at $299 price, it’s comparatively higher than its rivals like Apple TV products or even than Google TV. According to Google, the price is due to its  advertised made-in-the-USA factor although inside components were discovered to be manufactured from other countries. Google claims that the device is assembled in the US instead of usual overseas assembly lines from places like China. Low labor costs make Chinese factories the favorite manufacturing centers for most companies in the US.

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