Nuance Introduces Nina for Android and iOS Apps

Nuance Introduces Nina for Android and iOS Apps:

Nina for Android and iOS apps was unveiled by Nuance, the developer of the famous Siri for the iPhone 4S. Nina or “Nuance Interactive Natural Assistant” turns your iPhone or Android into voice-enabled customer service assistants by transforming the Smartphone’s apps like a tool that will allow customers to engage and receive immediate outcomes.
While Siri was first introduced on Apple as a built-in virtual assistant to the iPhone 4S, it was powered by the voice recognition service by Nuance. This leads to a lot of effort for third-party developers to create many clones and illegitimate means of getting Siri to work on other devices. However, Android and some other Operating System have also developed quality virtual assistants similar to Siri.
Nina was built on the same voice recognition engine from Nuance from which Apple has developed Siri. And thus, it just can be added to iOS and Android apps via Software Development Kit (SDK) issued by the company after their announcement.
So, what does it really actually do? Nina can validate your identity by using unique voice prints to authenticate. You can navigate through the system because Nina can capture in a single utterance so she can get the users’ words to give an answer. She can also do a transaction for the users by extracting content, context and meaning from a request to ensure faster result in a fewer steps. Nina also teaches the users so you can learn the most of your virtual assistant through talking, typing or tapping.
According to Nuance’s press release, Nina is a pre-made personal assistant persona that combines Nuance’s speech recognition system, text to speech, voice biometrics and natural language understanding technology hosted in the cloud to deliver “an interactive user experience that not only understands what is said, but also can identify who is saying it.”
Do you think Nina can damage Siri and other voice recognition software for Smartphones? Here is a quick video for Nina.

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