Ubuntu for Android – The First Sneak-Peek

Ubuntu for Android – The First Sneak-Peek:
Not a long time ago, we reported about the possible integration of two Linux ‘bros’- Ubuntu and Android into one device. We see the dream coming true, sooner than ever.
“In every dual-core processor, there is a PC trying to get out.”- That’s what Canonical, the company which is slogging its guts out, in reuniting the two contemporary OS and to diminish the line between smartphone and personal computing brags about.

It’s fascinating how Ubuntu works. It comes to life only when you connect your phone to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. For the rest of the time, it’s you and your Android in complete solitude. Besides, Ubuntu does not come as a toggled OS option, which implies you won’t not have to choose whether you want to boot up your phone with Android or Ubuntu. Instead, Ubuntu sits on top of its little brother- Android, allowing you to receive text messages, place phone calls while you are busy managing spread sheets or tinkering with the Ubuntu interface. Though there is a slight delay in switching from Android to Ubuntu, you’ve got to feel for the damn processor too. The heat down under would be scorching and despite that, it’s tad impressive that you get a smoothly running OS without hampering your productivity.
For the record, Ubuntu isn’t being emulated; it’s being run parallel to Android. Though that’s a huge plus as though it sits on top of Android, it actually isn’t dependent on Android for its operational functionalities. Nevertheless, the problem Canonical faces now is portability. As Ubuntu is run side-by-side, it would need access to phone-drivers, which are kept in a covert manner by the phone manufacturers in order to avoid any deleterious chunks of software code being written. Hence, Canonical would need to work with manufacturers of all smartphone companies to get the pre-occupied phone drivers and to harness them in order to develop the conceptualized bridge. Besides it is also working with phone manufacturers for provision of Ubuntu as stock-OS, alongside Android.
If Canonical succeeds in sealing such bilateral treaties, not only would it boost the sales of many flagship tablets and devices, it would also revolutionize the smartphone OS concept.
It’s not just a phone you’re buying, it’s a PC too. Thanks Canonical, for making us realize that!
To dig more on this and to track the proceedings, visit the official Ubuntu for Android page, here.

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