IPv6 on its way to conquer the world after World IPv6 Launch

IPv6 on its way to conquer the world after World IPv6 Launch:

Fittingly, Virginia Tech is among the places IPv6 is finding success.

This week, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is meeting in Vancouver. As is tradition by now, the Tuesday lunch slot was used by the Internet Society (ISOC) for a panel discussion about an issue important to the future of the Internet. Today's topic: the state of IPv6 after the World IPv6 Launch two months ago, executed under the optimistic title "Life with a bigger Internet—World IPv6: Launched!"

The World IPv6 Launch on June 6 was an industry-wide effort to get websites to enable IPv6 permanently, to have participating Internet Service Providers turn on the new protocol for at least one percent of their users, and for home router vendors to enable IPv6 by default. All of this is needed because the current version 4 of the Internet Protocol is quickly running out of addresses.
Leslie Daigle, ISOC's chief Internet technology officer, stressed that World IPv6 Launch was not about turning off IPv4—that won't happen "anytime soon." Instead, websites added IPv6, making them reachable for both IPv4 and IPv6 users. "The important takeaways are that IPv6 is launched, and that this was a phenomenal collaborative industry effort." And: "it's not too late for access providers to sign up."
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